Development Notes

Last update of Markerbox: April 30, 2021
Last update of this page: March 18, 2024

Current version: 0.8.2 (early beta, invited test users only)

CSV file support: Vimeo, Screenlight, Sequoia, Adobe Premiere Pro (natively exported markers)

Intelligent text area: Import via copy/paste from Microsoft Excel, Open Office Calc, Google Spreadsheet and even sources like documents, e-mails or even messengers.

Import customization options: Standard marker type and color for each supported source program, automatic marker colors based on names of edits, tracks, clients, markers.

Other features: Delete all markers in active sequence.

Very special thanks

to Benjamin McGuire for intensive beta testing and revealing crucial bugs. Also, thanks to Piotr DÄ…browski for sparking the idea of the new textarea, to Nicolas Page for bug hunting and version testing and to Erik Woodard for helpful input.

Known bugs

Due to Premiere's encoding, it may not be possible to re-import Premiere markers on a Mac. In the next version Markerbox will have a custom export that will solve this problem.

CSV Files for Testing

To test the Markerbox import you can download the following files:

Screenlight: Download the original Screenlight test CSV here. All comments are by the same person, so all markers will have the same color in your timeline.

Sequoia: Download a Sequoia test CSV here. If you are running Markerbox with default settings this import should create 100 blue, green and orange markers on your timeline (may take 10 seconds or more on not-so-fast computers).

Premiere Pro: To test the re-import please export existing markers from your sequence, using the native Premiere Pro CSV export (File > Export > Markers), and then re-import this CSV file.

Any problems? Please let me know.

Coming Next

Planned for version 0.8.3

Better marker export than the native Premiere Pro export.

Import of comments exported from (video workflow platform).

Import of labels exported from Audacity (audio editing program).

Detail improvements, bug-fixing and stability across plattforms and versions.

Planned for the next 0.8.X and 0.9.X versions

Import of markers exported from Castmarker (stand-alone marker app).

Universal import/export CSV format for other applications.

Marker export as labels for Audacity (audio editing program).

Automatic marker color rotation without the need to define rules.

Delete sequence markers by type, color or import source.

Mass color-change of markers on your timeline, based on individual rules.

Temporarily hide markers of certain type or color.

And beyond that?

In case you have some ground-breaking ideas I might not have thought of I would be happy to hear from you.

Development Log


March 24, 2021

Beta version 0.8

March 30, 2021

Beta version 0.8.1

April 04, 2021

Beta version 0.8.2

April 15, 2021

The Big Gap

Due to a shift in my business focus I had to pause the development for almost three years.
But Markerbox will be back soon. So stay tuned!